Cook Forest Management was recently contacted about putting together a comprehensive management plan along the Neches River in Angelina County, Texas. 

The landowner stated that his objective was to enhance the qualities of his forest in order to continue generating income from harvesting timber, while providing exceptional recreational opportunities for hunting and fishing, and continue the historic ranching legacy that has existed on the property since the 1800’s.  It wasn’t that he was doing an inadequate job with these objectives, moreover, there just wasn’t a plan in place where he could make sound financial decisions about the future.  We were able to get all of the different timber stands and pastures mapped, in addition to creating an inventory data-set, and generating a proposed timber harvest schedule for the next 50 years.  The landowner now has a written plan in place which records a stated objective, a history of the property, maps, inventory, timber harvest schedules, and wildlife management goals.  All of these can now be edited and modified through time to make adjustments as needed. 

All future activities are planned to protect air and water quality, enhance aesthetics, protect or provide habitat for rare species, and produce a healthy forest for the overall benefit of the environment and society.