Water Management

Water is and always will be important to every consideration made on your property. In the southeastern U.S. we often take water for granted due to our abundant rainfall, but we still need to take care of the water with which we are blessed.   Water can definitely enhance properties; ponds, marshes and other wetlands are just a few examples.    


Take a closer look at the water management services we offer.

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Water features are a very valuable addition to your property and must be cared for like any other asset.  We can work with specialists to develop plans to create or maintain lakes, ponds and the fisheries associated with them.  Examples include aquatic vegetation control, fish pond stocking, and maintaining water quality.  



Best Management Practices (BMP’s) were created by each state to ensure that water quality is being protected during forest management actions.  We will make sure that all activities on your property are compliant with the state recommended BMP’s and help with any corrections that need to be made.  

IMG_8292Water can be pumped from underground or from ponds, lakes and rivers.  CFM can advise you on your watering or irrigation needs including the use of pumps, water wells, and irrigation systems.  Sometimes permitting is also required and we can help you acquire that as well.






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If you need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) or Wetland Services (delineation, determination, permitting), we can help you arrange that with Castilaw Environmental Services, LLC.