Timber Management

Timber is traditionally treated as a cash crop to provide the raw product to mills that produce lumber, plywood, paper and pellets.  However, there are many other reasons that landowners value trees.  Some of these include providing habitat for wildlife, restoring properties to their native ecosystems, and enhancing aesthetic qualities of the landscape. Cook Forest Management works with each landowner in developing their individual goals and objectives. 


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Planning begins with landowner goals for each property.  That can often be intimidating and difficult to put into words.  Nevertheless, when goals are stated and a plan is accomplished, it becomes easier to achieve the desired outcome and future state of the property.  It's common for a landowner to have multiple goals, and it's necessary that these be prioritized.  Our plans are designed to provide structure, guidance and sustainability in stepwise progression to achieve your goals, yet allow flexibility to capitalize on market conditions and weather events.

A map of your property allows a visual framework from which we can then make management decisions.   It allows acreage estimates to be made, and reveals other characteristics of the property such as slope, streams, and road access.  We can provide simple mapping using Google Earth that can be easily used by the landowner, or supervise a more comprehensive mapping project utilizing ARC GIS.

shutterstock_247415164 logsTaking inventory of your timber assets is necessary in order to make good decisions regarding future timber harvests, associated revenues, and simulating growth.   CFM can cruise your timber stands and provide you with an inventory of standing timber, which can then be incorporated into the management plan.

stan1Tree marking is designed to improve the value of your stand of timber by removing trees that are adding the least value, and protecting the trees that will continue to grow and gain the most value.  CFM can perform complete timber harvest setup including determining road access, set location, tree and perimeter marking, and harvest prescription.

Marketing of timber stumpage allows the landowner to get the most money for the investment that has been made.   We help you secure multiple bids from professional timber harvesters, and allow you as a landowner to make an informed choice when selling timber.  CFM will negotiate these sales and ensure that you are getting the best deal.

It is critical to have careful planning and execution of site preparation activities for successful reforestation.  The establishment of your stand of timber is an investment for the future.  It is probably the most important investment that will be made on your property.  CFM can supervise all of these activities to safeguard your investment in this future stand of timber.

burning-shutterstock_163349603Burning has many uses, which include the reduction of wildfire risk, increased quality of wildlife habitat, and control of debris on sites to be replanted.   We oversee and participate in each burn ensuring that the fire is controlled, safe, and successful for not only the landowner, but also the environment.


The use of herbicide provides many beneficial results if applied appropriately.  Its primary function is to control unwanted vegetative species.  It is often used in the establishment of your new forest, but it's also useful in creating certain wildlife habitats, restoring native range conditions, and controlling non-native species.  CFM supervises all herbicide applications to ensure compliance with laws, use of correct chemicals, and to safeguard that the correct sites are treated.

We've been involved with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards and the auditing process for 15 years and can help your organization prepare for an SFI audit, or implement an SFI program for your lands.  Another option for small landowners is the American Tree Farm certification, and that is something we can help you acquire as well.