Land Management

Owning land is a wise addition to one’s portfolio of assets.   Nevertheless, the responsibilities of taking care of the land are often overlooked due to lack of understanding and experience.  Land ownership requires many financial decisions and actions in order to increase the value of the property.  CFM can help you take care of your land asset and accomplish your personal goals for the property.


Take a closer look at the land management services we offer.

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ParadiseWe can help fulfill your needs in buying and selling property.  If you are looking to purchase property, we can help you identify, negotiate and acquire tracts that fit your objectives.  For landowners wanting to sell their property, we can help improve your tract in order to increase its marketability. With 8 years experience selling timberland, CFM has the knowledge to help you gain the most from your investment.

Knowing where your property lines are located is absolutely essential. Many problems can arise with an adjacent landowner if the boundary of a property is not firmly established.  CFM can address those problems with proper identification of the line with surveying, boundary marking, and fencing, all of which we can arrange and supervise for you.

CFM can help you with improvements to your property that will become valuable assets such as acquiring utilities (electricity and water), power line construction, drilling water wells, new road construction, and gated entrances.  We also have experience supervising the construction and remodeling of houses, lodges, barns and other sheds if you need any help or advice.

We can advise and supervise repairing road problems such as replacing culverts, correcting drainage problems, spreading rock and grading.  Sometimes new road construction is needed to gain access to your land.   This requires careful planning to minimize the risk of future problems.

At times properties will have features that will allow a landowner to create, enhance, and capture revenue other than the primary means of timber sales.  These opportunities include such standards as leasing for recreation and hunting, but there may also be prospects for eco-tourism, pine straw raking, wetland mitigation or stream restoration, to name a few.  In the future there may also be markets for drinking water and biofuels that will further enhance the value of owning property.  We will help you identify these opportunities and advise you on how to best capture these values.

One of the most important goals of many landowners is the appearance of their property, whether from the eye of the public, the landowner, or both.  We are very conscientious and skilled in making aesthetics a top priority with all of our activities including timber harvesting, which can be the most unsightly of all if not done correctly.

iStock_000018616936_Buck and BarnMany landowners also have pastures that require yearly management activities such as soil testing, fertilizing, liming, burning, fencing, and applying herbicides.   Once again, it is our job to advise and guide you as to which of these is necessary for the improved productivity of your land.


When we talk about land, we are really talking about the soil and its inherent characteristics.  Soil quality can be enhanced through applications of fertilizer and lime, and mechanical operations such as ripping and bedding; however, each property is limited to the particular soil types it contains.  Our responsibility is to identify the different soil types for the landowner, and manage each type appropriately to reach the landowners goals.