About Cook Forest Management

Cook Forest Management
(CFM) is a private business created to assist landowners in the management of their properties. We provide high-quality custom services at an affordable price.  CFM has expertise and experience in all of the services we provide and utilize a network of specialists to achieve the desired results.

CFM believes that a “Forest” is composed of Land, Timber, Wildlife and Water. Although each may require separate management techniques, they are all interrelated and must be managed accordingly to sustain a healthy forest that provides maximum value to the landowner.  Of course, value is most often described financially, but it is also derived from aesthetics, wildlife, water quality and creating long lasting family memories.  Our goal is to help you achieve these values that are most important to you.


About Stan

Stan Cook
has over thirty years experience in forestry and land management, with eight of those years being involved in real estate marketing and sales.  After having earned a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management, and a Master's of Forestry with an emphasis on economics from Stephen F. Austin State University, Stan then went to work for a large forest products company for 28 years.   Early in Stan’s career, he helped manage a 19,000 acre wildlife management area.  He then transitioned to a forestry position for the same company ultimately managing over 300,000 acres.  Recently he was involved in the company's real estate venture where he managed, marketed, and helped sell 56,000 acres to various entities including private landowners, conservation organizations, and timberland companies.  Stan has been happily married for 27 years to his wife, Christie, who is involved in music ministry (www.christiecooksongs.com) and owns and operates a bed and breakfast (www.fairbreezecottage.com).   He has two daughters and a son-in-law.

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